Guide to 99 crafting!Edit

Here is the fastest way to 99 crafting
--note*--- this may be long, and you need some money already to start up.

Step 1: get ready!Edit


head to the south -east corner of the town, where is dommik, and the shop assistant. Trade dommik . to craft, you need a chisel, and at level 1, some sapphires. the amulets that you get, sell them to the shop assistant to get a little profit.

Step 2: craft emeraldsEdit


Now that you are 40 crafting, you can now craft emeralds, just keep buying them from dommik until 60.

Step 3: craft rubysEdit


Now that you are 60 crafting, you can now craft rubys, just keep buying them from dommik and sell to assistant until 70.

Step 4: craft diamondsEdit


Now that you are 70 crafting, you can now craft diamonds, keep buying them from dommik and selling them to assistant until 75.


step #5 : craft dragonstones======


Now that you are 75 crafting, you can now craft diamonds. keep buying them from dommik and sellling them to assistant until 90.


step #6 : craft onyxs!======


onyxes are best source of money while skilling in the game, up to 200k profit each amulet. buy onyxes from dommik and sell them to assistant for 200k, and 10k exp. repeat until 99


step #7 : get your skillcape!======


now that you are a master of the crafting skill, you can now get a trimmed crafting cape. head to the south-west corner of yanille, where the bar icon is, trade bob and obtain your cape for 99k only!


Gratz on 99 crafting, and good luck on many others. __________________
10 years...

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